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Update on James Yuill Senior

I have been able to find some new information on my 4 times Great grandfather James Yuill. He was the head of the Yuill family that originally came to Canada from Scotland. As previously mentioned in a former post linked here, James was born in Rutherglen Scotland. I don’t really know  anything about  of his life before he turned 18. I did recently find out using and Ancestry some interesting information about his life from 18 until he migrated to Canada. James at the age of 18 enlisted as a solider in the Napoleonic wars and this was with the 2nd Dragoons unit of Scotland. I haven’t been able to find out if he saw any action in this war. He enlisted on the 12 of March 1793 and was married in July of that year as well.

Now moving forward to March of 1814, James is now around 40 and has 7 children. He is applying for a pension from the government and has lost an eye and is wore out.  The record that I found this in is records for those who had served in Canada.

When I first read this my heart went out to this man, he had a wife and 7 children to support as well may not been able to go back to being a weaver with only one working eye.  This also put into perspective the choice of immigrating to Canada. Perhaps he  saw a chance at better life in Canada when he was over there as a solider.  I understand why he and his son lobbied the Scottish government to come to Canada, not just because of the conditions in Scotland at the time.

This information was wonderful to find but left me with more questions. I am now wanting to know how he lost his eye and were in Canada did he serve.

As always, thanks for reading


Who Do you Think are Ancestry Show review

I just watched the first episode of the new season of the American Who Do You Think you, as well as so reruns (some I had seen and some I hadn’t.) Most of my Who Do You Think You Are watching before this was online . I’ve watch quite a few episodes of both the Britain and American one. I have to say I really love this show. It is celebrities not ordinary people. I truly think they should do one for the average person, I think that would be just as interesting.(sadly, I am doubtful this would garner much interest among the general public.)  I do think the show is well-done.

The show is still a form of reality show but without all the drama well not the usual drama of a reality show. The show does strike  me though as being used an a form of advertising for I do like how they add the history as well as learning the basic about the ancestor(s). You l do need to understand the timeframe or what was happening to understand why people made the choices they did. I find that the celebrities have an interest in finding out more about their families.I do strongly suspect that the celebrities chosen, backgrounds were researched before to pick those that would have a so to speak “juicy ” story to tell. The show is done in such a way that you want to the whole episode, they do often sneak peeks before commercial breaks to get the viewer to not change the channel.

Overall, I think it is a well-done show.


As always, thanks for reading




Review of

I decided to do a trial of findmypast website to see what information I could find.  I did end up subscribing to the site but only for the Britain records. This is actually, the site way back when I first started searching were I found the ship record for my Welsh Grandma family.

I am going to give here what are my pros and cons about the site. This is just my personal opinion of the site.


It does keep records of records you have looked at. I find this handy as you don’t have to then repeat a search again.

I have found some records that I haven’t found on ancestry in particular for Scottish or Welsh ancestors birth records or information from newspapers.

They have an ideas board for suggestions one can make for changes to the website, I think it is great that a user can provide feedback or ideas.

They have 3 different options for subscriptions  One is a pay as you go, pay a select amount and get a specific number of credits to use. The credit amount does vary among records. I see this option as a pro and a con(see con in the con remarks section) You can also get a World (Includes United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia , New Zealand and United States and others ?)or a British subscription by the month or yearly.

If you are choosing to search a particular record collection, the search parameters are better than the for the all records search. Depending on what collection you are choosing to search, you have from the basic information to being able to provide other household members (for censuses)or solider number (for military).


I found that the search parameters are quite narrow and don’t provide a lot of search options. For example, one can only search the ancestor by name, date of birth and place.  It does have check boxes for name variants so it will search for different spellings of the name. This is for searching all the records.

The subscriptions are all in british pounds so do take care to do a conversion to your own country money so you know how much it will end up costing you. I wish that would give the prices in maybe US or Canadian as well but I suspect most of their users are in the United Kingdom.

The con I see with the pay as you go is that records are not all a select number of credits as well as you can end up wasting  your credits on the wrong records.

I create a small family tree with just a few ancestors to try out the family tree. Building your family tree is fairly easy but I couldn’t figure out a way to add the records to your tree. I did find the spot in the tree were you can manually add the source information. Overall I am not impressed with the family tree. It seems that one has to add most information is manually which to me honestly is a lot of work.


Overall, I find the site useful but not as a primary resource site for my searching, I still prefer ancestry as searching is better as well as it family tree. I will continue to use the site  to look for information I can’t find on ancestry.

As always, thanks for reading.


Beyond the Ancestor and into the past…diving into the time they lived

I recently took out a book from the library about the Scottish settlers of Upper Canada(Ontario).  My reason for wanting to look at this book was that it is about Scottish settlers in Ontario. All of my Scottish ancestors started off in Ontario and then eventually moved to elsewhere in Canada or the United States.  This book has been my starting point for trying to find more about what drove my ancestors to come to Canada and once here what was the life like for them. The book is called The Scottish Pioneers of Upper Canada, 1784-1855, Glengarry and Beyond by Lucille H Campey. I am not to far into the book yet just a couple of chapters in but I have also jus browsed the book. I always browse books before deciding if I want to read or use them for ancestry research so I have an idea if they will be useful or not. So far this one has a wealth of information. This book has appendices on information about the ships and the passengers that travel from Scotland to Quebec.( the entry port into Canada).  The book was published in 2005 so it is not a new book and  although I did get from an academic library is definitely not a hard read or overly academic based. I do recommend it to anyone doing research on their Scottish ancestry that has connections to Ontario. I will mostly likely post more once I have read more of the book.

Twins and Lessons from Great Great Grandpa

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Today’s post is about some new discoveries on my Welsh side. I decided to try a free trial of as I
am majority of United Kingdom descent.

In my first time on the side, I found some interesting discoveries about my Welsh ancestors.

The first being that one of my great great grandpa’s was a TWIN! I had some possible suspicion from dates of births on census but thought nah there is no evidence of twins elsewhere in the family. Found the birth record on findmypast and it listed twins.   Abel and Susannah Evans born in September 1846 are twins. (This is My Grandma’s Mother Susannah Evans father and aunt). I suspect that she also named after her aunt. I think that is very special.

My other discovery was of my great great Grandpa in the Welsh newspapers, he was fined 1 shilling for riding without reins and he also sued a man for letting his pheasants eat all his crop. This is Elias Wynne Sr(not his son or grandson).

Finding stories like these, bring an ancestor more to life becoming more than just a name .

As Always Thanks for reading

Ancestry chick

There was a baby born in Scotland, Using the Scottish Records to find birth or baptismal dates

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I have recently found many birth or baptismal dates for my extensive Scottish Ancestors using Scottish Records.   Finding these dates has help to conform information.  Navigating these records is not for those starting out unless you have very good start point.

One set of records that are available is the Select Scottish Birth and Baptismal Records. The years covered are 1564-1950. Both Ancestry and Family search have the index information for viewing.  What the index will give you is the following:

Baby name

Parent names-usually has mother maiden name

Birth or baptismal date and place

There is also a film number to be use to locate the full record should one wish.

You do need to know the name of the person whose birth you are seeking as well as parents name, location of birth and year at least. I have found that by searching by the child name usually works if the record is there but have found many records also by searching the parent names. I advise to try alternate spelling of names as well. I plan to cover England and Wales birth records in another post.

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Too Many Mclachlans to count…Highlanders to Canada : An Introduction to the McLachlans

I recently discovered some more information regarding my Mclachlan ancestors(McLachlan was spelt many different ways I am chosing to use this way)and going to talk about and introduce them in this post.

My Great Great Grandmother was a Mclachlan. Her name was Mary but also went by Ellen(I suspect this was a 2nd name and also may to avoid confusion as her mother was named Mary as well). She was the son of Duncan McLachlan and Mary Mckechern. Mary Mckechern’s parents and family are currently unknown as the marriage information I have doesn’t provide parents name.

Duncan was born in about 1823 in Kilmeny, Argyll Scotland to William and Christina (Nee Bell)McLachlan. The McLachlans immigrated to Canada sometime in the 1830s with 5 children and later 2 more were born in Canada. (I am assuming all the children came with them to Canada as they were all young to care for themselves)

The children of William and Christina are:

Born in Kilmeny Scotland

Margaret 1825

Duncan 1823 married a Mary Mckechern

Flora 1828

Donald 1830

John 1832 married a Mary McIntyre (1st)and Isabella ? (2nd)

Born in Ontario Canada

James 1837

Mary 1840 married to William Currie

As Always, Thanks for reading



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