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Too Many Mclachlans to count…Highlanders to Canada : An Introduction to the McLachlans

I recently discovered some more information regarding my Mclachlan ancestors(McLachlan was spelt many different ways I am chosing to use this way)and going to talk about and introduce them in this post.

My Great Great Grandmother was a Mclachlan. Her name was Mary but also went by Ellen(I suspect this was a 2nd name and also may to avoid confusion as her mother was named Mary as well). She was the son of Duncan McLachlan and Mary Mckechern. Mary Mckechern’s parents and family are currently unknown as the marriage information I have doesn’t provide parents name.

Duncan was born in about 1823 in Kilmeny, Argyll Scotland to William and Christina (Nee Bell)McLachlan. The McLachlans immigrated to Canada sometime in the 1830s with 5 children and later 2 more were born in Canada. (I am assuming all the children came with them to Canada as they were all young to care for themselves)

The children of William and Christina are:

Born in Kilmeny Scotland

Margaret 1825

Duncan 1823 married a Mary Mckechern

Flora 1828

Donald 1830

John 1832 married a Mary McIntyre (1st)and Isabella ? (2nd)

Born in Ontario Canada

James 1837

Mary 1840 married to William Currie

As Always, Thanks for reading


Emily Wynne and Hazel McDougall, born on different sides of the world but who really was their parents

I have 2 young children in my family tree whose parents are unknown or not certain who is the parents.

The first is a Hazel McDougall, she is listed on the 1906 census as living in Manitoba with my Great Great Grandpa William McDougall and his family. It is stated that she is an adopted daughter of William but she doesn’t appearing on any following censuses with the family.  She was born in 1898 in Manitoba. William also has a sister staying or living with his family at the time as well,her name is Isabella Tindall nee McDougall but listed as McDougall on the census(she was married and is widowed at the time). I suspected the whole household was put under the McDougall name. I am curious if she was a relative or prehaps a neighbour child or an orphaned child. It unlikely that she was a child as the sons of the house were young. I am sure she is not a grandchild of William’s sister, who is from Ontario and that’s were her children were living so I am at lost as to if she is an McDougall or not. Family members don’t recalled the name or any connection.

The 2nd is a Emily Wynne, she is listed on both the 1901 and 1911 census as a grandchild of my great great Wynne grandparents.  She has to be one of their children’s child but which one is still a mystery. I am thinking she maybe one of the daughter’s children a Mary Wynne who I think married a Williams as she listed as married on the 1901 census and with the last name Williams. The question with that is why then is Emily’s last name not Williams, that then leads me to believe she was one of the son’s daughters but as to which one I am not sure.

If you have a connection or think that you know something about these 2 girls, please comment.

Searching and Struggling, some tips to help to get results

I got a subscription to Family Tree Magazine for Christmas and just got the first issue this month.

The issue I got was all about the different sites, databases etc that are out their for researching family history. I found some good tips in their that I had either forgotten about or didn’t know about.

Here are some tips for you:

1.  Using wildcard characters such as * or ?. This can take some playing around as you have to figure out what the resource you are using prefers as wildcards. Usually looking in the help section, can give you an answer to what wildcard characters that resource will use. I have used this method myself and has provided me with some very different spelling of a last name that would have never thought of. I did with my family name Bonazew in Ancestry and ended up finding family members having the last name spelt Bonazeau. They went from Ukrainian to French or mostly likely a spelling error or guess from the person who originally took the record. I think maybe they just wanted to pretend to French.

2. If your relatives were of different ethic background, sometimes their names were anglicized at some point. Finding a resource that given the equivalent names is a good place to look or asking a family member. Sometimes even just googling work. One good website is Behind the Name. This site covers names in many different languages and give various versions of the name when looking up a name.  It also have a surname version and a name translator(only work for english into another language).

3. Knowing what name an ancestor went by can be hard especially if you are unsure of the full name. I know that for example in many cultures sons were often named after their father, so often in order to avoid confusion sons would go by a nickname or their middle name. One of my  Grandpa’s actually had an uncle who was named after his father but went by a nickname of his middle name.

4. The not so reliable method is to use guessing. This is a time-consuming method and require you to have some information to start with. This does pay off, so it’s not one to discount. What I do when guessing, using information I already have and make an educated guess. For example, using my great grandpa James Alexander Smith in trying to find his parents. I’ve searched for his father using the last name, birthplace Scotland(I know from a census that James said his father was born in Scotland ), lived in Port Elgin Ontario(This is where James was born), Years I try around the 1850s as this when James was born.

5. The last tip I have is just simply asking those in your family what they know, you can be surprised by what information family members have or are willing to share. This tip working very well as a starting point if you have nothing or very little to go on.  I suggest starting with basic questions such as names, dates, places. I would write done the information that you collect in order not to forget or lose it. Family gatherings are good places to ask questions I find as families like to talk about the past.

As always thanks for reading



Oh Susannah…What I know and want to know about the Jones and Evans

Susannah Evans was my great great grandma. She was born in Llangerniew, Denbighshire, Wales on the 26 June 1882.  Her parents were Elizabeth Jones and Abel Evans.

I don’t know if she had an sisters or brothers. I know more about her later life then her earlier life.  I believe that in 1891(according to the Wales Census) she was living with her aunt and a cousin. She was not a servant, she was listed as attending school. Next I have in 1901, as a servant working for the Hughes Family in Eglwysbach.

This pretty much all I know about the beginnings of Susannah.

She was married in 1902 to Robert Wynne. They lived in Wales till 1914. When they and their 3 children moved to Canada.

Susannah died in 1943.

Her mother Elizabeth Jones was born in 1856 in  Llangerniew, Denbighshire, Wales to John and Mary Jones (maiden name unknown).  They had 10 children.  The 2nd oldest Anne was the Aunt who Susannah was living with. I suspect this was because the aunt was unmarried and had no children.

Elizabeth seems to disappear between the 1881 census and 1891 census, I think she may died after 1882 sometime. This would have made her in the early to late 20s when she died.

Abel, Susannah’s father is found on a 1891 census as a lodger in Llagerniew, Denbighshire, Wales. His marital status is listed MDR, which I think is widowed but I am not positive. (If you know what that status means, please let me know)

I know his parents and his siblings.

As Always, Thanks for reading


Apps for Genealogists

I thought I’d post about some the apps I have used for genealogy research.

These are all available from the Apple Store

ScannerPro-This an app that can be used to scan documents via your device. I have tried it out on some documents of my own just to compare it from just using the camera on the device. I have found that it more stable then taking pictures for scanning pages from a book.  It has color options which I found handy when scanning a document color that actually looked better in black and white. It is in some ways redundant to the camera but I think that being able to keep scanned docs separate from pictures.

Billion Graves( also available though the google play store)-This an app that basically plots cemeteries and gravesites. It also allows one to upload photos to be show among those researching. I haven’t actually physically used it at a cemetery but did tried it out from home. I looked up my great uncles graves(photos were there) and it was actually able to tell me were in the cemetery the graves were located(very handy is the cemetery is quite large). I think that be able to find out where a grave is located in a large cemetery via an app can be a lot handier then having to get directions(especially if you show up when the cemetery office is closed or if  their isn’t one).

I hope to past about more apps as I find and use them.

As Always thanks for reading


John Drozdowich, who spelt his last name how he pleased…

This is a follow-up post to my previous post on the Drozodwich family. This about John Drozowich and his family. John was the son of Nicolai Drozodwich and Miorouola Zrko. I do believe he was the oldest child.

He was born 5 May 1898 in  Czernowitz, Austria. This was in the Bukovina area of Austria-Hungary Empire at the time of his birth.  The city is now called Chernivtsi and is located in western Ukraine.

It is believed that the family immigrated to Canada in 1910 when John was 12, they was at least one other child my Great Grandma who was around 5 -7 years old (according to 1911 census, their was a 3rd child a girl )

The family ended up by the 1911 Canadian census living in Mackenzie district of Saskatchewan with 3 children. John and My Great Grandma and a girl by the name of Annie(born in Austria as well).

On the 1916 Census there is a record for what I belive is  John’s parents Nicolai and Mary (Mioruola)and John’s siblings. The problem is expect for the parent’s names, the siblings name appear to be wrong.

Here is the information from the census: The dates of birth and the immigration year is different from the 1911 census. I am basically not posting dates of birth yet but the immigration year is listed in 1902 or 1903( 2 different years are listed) which is a full 8 years earlier then the 1911 census. I highly think this is the same family as the location match up and the names.

The address is in Good Lake Saskatchewan.

Nicoli Drosduk and Mary Drosduk (Parents)

Somhera Drosduk is a daughter born about 1900 in Austria(I think this is My Great Grandma not positive)

Elia Drosduk is a son born about 1903 in Saskatchewan.

George Drosduk is a son born about 1904 in Saskatchewan.

Wasilena Drosduk is a daughter born about 1907 in Saskatchewan.

Frusa Drosduk is a daughter born about 1909 in Saskatchewan

The odd thing is there is no mention of a baby son that I know was born in 1915.

John is not on this census but I have found him on the 1921 census.

John is listed as living in Insinger Saskatchewan with his wife and one child. He is a farmer.

His wife name is Kateryna and listed as being from Bukovina as well. Her death date is listed 1918 but I believe that is incorrect as she appears on the 1921.

The child name is Maria born 1918 in Saskatchewan.

John also enlisted as a solider in the first World war in April of 1916 and is living in Calder Sarah Saskatchewan. He never served in World War 1 and suspect was married in 1917 or 1918.

As always this family is full of confusing and conflicting information.

As Always, Thanks for reading


Drozdowich or Droziuk or…….

This post is about the Drozdowichs.  My Drozdowhich family immigrated from Austria in the early 1900s to Canada. Their were Ukrainians living in what was the Austria-Hungary Empire.  The family was believed to have been of middle class as the story goes my Great Great Grandpa parents didn’t want him to go to Canada.

My Great Grandpa and his wife were  Nicolai Drozdowich and  Miorouola Zrko (not sure if name is correct)

3 children names who I know are correct and verified to be their children are

Margaret (Maggie) Drozdowich born in Saskatchewan date unknown and died in 1929 in Weyburn Saskatchewan.

Doleena Drozdowich (Dora or Doris) born in 13 Feb 1902 in Galicia Austria or died in Regina in 1994. She married John Bonazew.

William Nicholas Drozdowich born 15 april 1915 in Saskatchewan and died in 30 May 1969 in Beinfait Saskatchewan.

2 other children I belive that are connected to this family are:

John Drozdowich was born 5 May 1898 in  Czernowitz, Austria. He is listed on a 1911 Census  with his parents and 2 other children with Drozdowich spelled as Drosdolick.  The parents name are Nicoli and Mary which mostly like was the english version of Miorouola.

There is 2 female children listed as well, one with the name of Gerry which I believe in incorrect and maybe Doleena and another female with the name of Anne. Annie is listed as being born in 1908. The area in Saskatchewan on the census in around the area were my Grandma grew up so it make sense to be the correct family.

John in also listed as have enlisted for the 1st world war and uses the spelling Drozdowich. The area in Saskatchewan were he is living, matches up with were his sister Doleena was married. Again I believe this to be family. His military record also states that he was Orthodox Greek.

I am going to do a follow up post about John as I have some more information on him.


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