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Did my ancestor really do that ?, finding out the occupations of your ancestors.

One’s job doesn’t define one’s self but finding out an ancestor’s occupation can be quite interesting.

Most of my ancestors were farmers in Canada, running the old family farm. The surprising thing is that before some of them came to Canada they were not farmers.  I would say the foray into farming was more of a necessary and sign of the times.

My Scottish ancestors before they came to Canada were believed to be weavers and one was a shoemaker.

My English ancestors on the other hand were quite poor and generally worked in selling used items but I admired that they did what they had to keep the family going.

My Welsh ancestors were farmers originally but my Great Grandpa was working in an aluminum factory and had health problems so he brought his family to Canada. In Canada, he worked on farm,had his own farm, caretaker at the local rink and these are just some of the various jobs he did to keep his family going.

I find that occupation is one of the things I looked at on the census, I find just looking at that can give a great insight into my ancestor background.

Another place to find occupation is death records will if someone die young and were still working, may list the occupation.

There is also directories such as Henderson’s directory(which is only the Canadian prairies provinces I believe) but there is similar ones for other provinces or US States.

As always, thanks for reading and have a wonderful holiday season



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